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You’re in the property field and ensuring your are compliant is your duty.

Here’s our little secret; DortiX’s founders are in the property field too and began their business to fill a need of their own that is now shared with many.

Managing properties for 100s of landlords across the U.K., meant filling out property inspection forms regularly and keeping a record of all compliance matters, and we wanted a smarter method.

We developed a software and mobile app to simplify property inspections routines and welcomed DortiX as a result.

Our Valuable Values

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You’re Important

Customers like you are at the forefront of our minds. We’re here to assist you with any technical or personal questions and help you make the most of your DortiX app

We’re Fair On Price

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We’re Forward Thinking

Technology is constantly advancing, legal requirements are ever-changing and we keep our pulse on the current to ensure our app continues to complete property inspections to par in the most convenient way

Thanks to DortiX, fire door inspections have never been easier for our team. The app's seamless process, from stickering doors to scanning and completing forms, has saved us valuable time and eliminated the hassle of manual paperwork. Now, we can focus on ensuring the safety of our spaces without being bogged down by administrative tasks. DortiX truly revolutionizes the inspection game!
TimCEO at Ritmo
Thanks to DortiX, EPC inspections have become a breeze for our team. The app's intuitive process, from marking inspection areas to swiftly scanning and completing forms, has saved us valuable time. Now, we can focus on enhancing energy efficiency in our spaces without the usual hassles. DortiX truly streamlines the EPC inspection process!
AnnettCEO at GSC
DortiX has revolutionized our approach to escalator inspections. The user-friendly interface makes the whole process seamless, from conducting thorough assessments to generating comprehensive reports. The app's efficiency has not only saved us time but also ensures that our escalators meet the highest safety standards. DortiX is a game-changer in the world of inspections!
DebraCEO at Perl Inspections
DortiX has truly transformed the way we approach lift inspections. Its user-friendly interface has simplified the entire process, making assessments and report generation a breeze. The app's efficiency not only saves us valuable time but also ensures that our lifts consistently meet the highest safety standards. DortiX stands out as a true asset in the realm of lift inspections.
GarethCEO at I.G.J.

DortiX Does It

DortiX Does It